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Went to Galleria and had so much fun. There weren't many people there cause of the Covid19. And really enjoyed my ride. I don't like going there because of the traffic but this time it was so smooth ride was so fun. I love crowds but I hate traffic so anyway I will post pictures later in my next post as of now I am studying and my mind is going to explode.

Anyways, I hope everyone is safe and happy. Be happy guys even tho we have problems in our life. It will somehow pass just have faith in God. I know he's there to protect us, me and my family..

Thank you




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Just got home from and I am tired cause I didn't sleep well last night. So when I got home I was thinking of video camera which on top of the attic that I tried to reach but I couldn't. Glad I didn't fall and I am still alive..

Apple Cash review

I was trying to send money today through apple cash but for some reason, the receiver couldn't use it I have no idea why it's a bit frustrating. Just wish it would work but it didn't. I don't know well I guess I need to try it myself on how to use it since it was the first time doing it. Hopefully in the future maybe we could do it

Supposedly, it would work, When you send someone money through apple cash just hit the A at the bottom of the text where you see like a one dollar you can add more to it then hit send easy right so the receiver should be able to use it when they wanna use the money through apple pay..

Okay, that's it for today, hopefully, it would work on u..