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Crush Mate

Crush mate
Sometimes I think why you kept messaging me  I wonder, but I didn’t think that you liked me  We were just a classmate once  Years later, you told me
Now I know you have a feelings for me Thought you were just joking but it didn’t seems to be  You are indeed truly in me  Why now, why not before 
Everyday we talked for hours  But, it seems not enough  Crust mate, you fell in love with me  What are you going to do...
One day, we’ll meet again  What would it feel when we see each other again  I’ll probably just smile lookin’ in your eyes, saying;  My love, you should’ve told me that you were crazy about me 🤩
It Would’ve been made my high school years the happiest time But it’s okay, now I know you’re into me  It’s never too late, it’ll never be... We’ll be together someday, before you know it. 

Thought of you

Thought of you 
I don’t know why I still think about you  It’s been months since I left and said goodbye to you  It hurts so bad that I tried not think about you  But my heart will always loves you 
Oh my love, why would I feel this way Everyday and every night I still think of you  Even in my Dreams I see you  My love I still love you 
You found someone I know I hope you are happy everyday cause I know  I’ll be happy if you do, it hurts on me to think  That you are in someone else’s arm  It’s okay as long as I know you’re okay. 
You’re in my thoughts like every day  It’s okay cause I’m not in yours I’ll just cry and say hey it’s okay  But I just love you still deep in me 
Written by ‘ Del Jordan