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Crush Mate

Crush mate

Sometimes I think why you kept messaging me 
I wonder, but I didn’t think that you liked me 
We were just a classmate once 
Years later, you told me

Now I know you have a feelings for me
Thought you were just joking but it didn’t seems to be 
You are indeed truly in me 
Why now, why not before 

Everyday we talked for hours 
But, it seems not enough 
Crust mate, you fell in love with me 
What are you going to do...

One day, we’ll meet again 
What would it feel when we see each other again 
I’ll probably just smile lookin’ in your eyes, saying; 
My love, you should’ve told me that you were crazy about me 🤩

It Would’ve been made my high school years the happiest time
But it’s okay, now I know you’re into me 
It’s never too late, it’ll never be...
We’ll be together someday, before you know it. 


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