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Thought of you

Thought of you 

I don’t know why I still think about you 
It’s been months since I left and said goodbye to you 
It hurts so bad that I tried not think about you 
But my heart will always loves you 

Oh my love, why would I feel this way
Everyday and every night I still think of you 
Even in my Dreams I see you 
My love I still love you 

You found someone I know
I hope you are happy everyday cause I know 
I’ll be happy if you do, it hurts on me to think 
That you are in someone else’s arm 
It’s okay as long as I know you’re okay. 

You’re in my thoughts like every day 
It’s okay cause I’m not in yours
I’ll just cry and say hey it’s okay 
But I just love you still deep in me 

Written by ‘ Del Jordan 


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