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Updating blog

 It's past midnight, here I am editing video for you tube since I can't sleep. I took like 2 hours nap today. I made eggrolls today and it was so good. Anyway I decided to post a bit in my blog that I have not updated in a long time. Here I am sitting in the couch listening to air conditioning while typing I am the only person awake right now. Haha right I need to go to sleep now. Tomorrow my friends and I are planning to do boodle fight. Seafood feast and I can't wait. I will post videos here later so you guys can see. I am going to try to do blogging from now on since I like doing this stuffs. 

The videos that I am trying to export is now 75 percent which is going to be done soon then I will upload it at you tube. I will post link here later once I update it. Guys, I am going to update this blog from now okay so keep visiting and I will post more tomorrow.

Yours Truly,



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Ciao Walley

so today I am supposed to go back to work but I didn't go, I just cant go in yet because of this Covid19 I choose to stay home rather than working. I can't work in the place from where lots of people go just can't yet. So, God has another plan for me since I am not working now.

I know he has a better plan in my life. I trust my God my Saviour that he has a huge plan B for me. I know that I will do something better in my life.

So, for now I am thankful I am with my family that's all that matters for now and be with them and be happy. So God thank you for everything you've done for me. Sometimes you have to let go of things life gives you lesson let go of the things or job that youre not happy with and good ones will come in so..

That's al for now


Going back to work soon

So, I filed leave of absence for 3 weeks and this Friday I am supposed to go back to work. My guts just telling me to just go because I am home doing nothing here its getting boring and I need to pay for my monthy payment of my car so I guess I am going  and honestly I am going crazy at home so it's better if I go to work it's not fun but I gotta do it for the sake of myself not being crazy and I have to do something in my life that's good I can't be lazy.

 Life is not gonna be easy me working cause of the sickness of world right now but my life is in God's hands. If I get sick or die then they will be done. It's his will for me to go. I am a bit worried for the love ones that left behind but hopefully God will save me from danger and protect me from harm I know he will.

To all my love ones family and friends pls be safe. Be happy and stay positive.



Just got home from and I am tired cause I didn't sleep well last night. So when I got home I was thinking of video camera which on top of the attic that I tried to reach but I couldn't. Glad I didn't fall and I am still alive..