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Updating blog

 It's past midnight, here I am editing video for you tube since I can't sleep. I took like 2 hours nap today. I made eggrolls today and it was so good. Anyway I decided to post a bit in my blog that I have not updated in a long time. Here I am sitting in the couch listening to air conditioning while typing I am the only person awake right now. Haha right I need to go to sleep now. Tomorrow my friends and I are planning to do boodle fight. Seafood feast and I can't wait. I will post videos here later so you guys can see. I am going to try to do blogging from now on since I like doing this stuffs. 

The videos that I am trying to export is now 75 percent which is going to be done soon then I will upload it at you tube. I will post link here later once I update it. Guys, I am going to update this blog from now okay so keep visiting and I will post more tomorrow.

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Today, as I sit in my couch and listening to Visayang songs, it makes me lonely. I miss my homeland in Philippines. I wanted to go back home but due to Covid it got cancelled. I wanted to go back so bad. I truly miss my homeland and also my family of course. I miss them so bad. Maybe someday when things back to normal I can be able to go back home easily.  Childhood memories are the best. You looked back from the past in ur life and it's fun memorable days that you wish that you could go back in time. 

New York Life Insurance

In today's Pandemic it's very important that we have a life insurance. What if it's your time to go and what's gonna happen to your family. You know especially if you are the head of the family providing and supporting them if your gone what's gonna happen to them. You don't want your family begging in street for money. Who will support them so you don't want that to happen to  your family that's left behind get insurance today. I'd suggest New York Life Insurance. If you need an agent and or financial services assistance, just let me know comment below or hit me up at my email provided below. New York Life Insurance Company is the third-largest life insurance company in the United States.  Starting out? Growing family? Nearing retirement? Life insurance from New York Life offers protection plus benefits that can help can fund your retirement, pay for college, or just give you financial peace of mind. Consult an agent for more information please emai

Boodle Fight / Seafood Feast

 Do you guys loves seafood? Like crabs shrimp, mussels, fish you name it guys I do love seafoods and so my friends. We ate so much yesterday. I am still so full today.  I ate too much snow crabs and the regular crabs. So good. Thankful that God gave me so much food I am so blessed. Thankful for the blessings that God has given me everyday. I know some people doesn't have food to eat and I am just so thankful everyday that I can eat whatever I want in my life. I hope God will give foods to ones that are hungry. Amen.